This is a photo of me taking photos :-)

This is a photo of me taking photos :-)

About me

I started my career off in finance because of my strong desire to understand businesses at its core. As a daughter of an immigrant entrepreneur I wanted to be able to learn the ins and outs of operating a successful business. I knew that every businesses need to be profitable and have growing margins to invest in innovations to continue to add value to their customers.

Although I valued my time in finance and learned a lot of valuable lessons, I couldn't get away from the heavy feeling that something was truly missing from my life. Therefore in 2019, I left a comfortable career to lean in to my childhood joys of creating.

It is safe to say I haven't looked back since. I found in the practice of design, a super power that can be used to shape the world. Design has the real power to help people and I am so grateful to have found a vocation that allows me to do what I love. Now, my life's mission is to create positive changes to people's lives by helping good businesses communicate their value and scale their business through design.

Research methods

With my analytical predisposition, I gravitate towards using data to understand the problem space before designing.

My favorite methods include:


  • User interviews and contextual inquiries

  • Affinity mapping

  • Competitor analysis

  • Tree tests

  • Card sorting

  • Preference test


  • A/B testing

  • Data / website analytics


Before I get into the design process it is important for me to empathize with the user and in turn, understand how they gain value from the business. It is necessary understand the users emotions, user segments, their end-to-end user journey, and what is their job-to-be-done in context to what the business provides a solution.

Some of my favorite ways to get into my user's mind and how it relates to the business goals are:

  • User / customer journey mapping

  • Business model canvas

  • Value proposition canvas

  • Empathy mapping

  • Process / user flows

  • Experience flows


Although I'm flexible and can learn any tools on the job, I tend play favorites when it comes to using tools to get things done.

My favorite tools include:

  • Figma for brainstorming, designing, and prototyping

  • Zeplin for version control and shipping

  • Photoshop for photo manipulation

  • Specify for token syncing

  • Descript for transcribing, note taking, and tagging interviews

  • Hotjar for website analytics, especially the heat maps

  • for quick feedback on design prototypes

  • Notion for personal project management (Notion, I love you)

This is my dog and love of my life, Kekoa.

This is my dog and love of my life, Kekoa.

What I do when I'm not working

When I'm not working, you can find me being a goofball, walking my dog around DTLA, and taking care of my indoor aquarium and garden. I'm a proud mama of over 150 different kinds of living plants and fishes in my compact but mighty loft!

I'm also a huge nerd and love geeking out on the following subject matters:

Ask me about

  • Art and visual design

  • Health and nutrition

  • Freelancing and entrepreneurship

  • The economy

  • World news

  • Web 3 and cryptocurrency

  • Books

  • Personal finances